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A Postpartum Project

I struggled with physical rehabilitation after the birth of my first child. Frustrated that few online resources and voices on postpartum physical health existed, I created one. It’s called Mama on the Mend. Click the button below to check it out.

About Yuka

Yuka is a writer, educator, and consultant. She writes about health, medicine, society and body politics. As an educator, Yuka has taught Women’s and Gender Studies, Health Policy, Sports in America, Multiculturalism, Sexual Health and Education, Perspectives in Women’s History, Physical Health and Education, and more. It’s her passion to help practitioners of health and wellness turn their important knowledge into compelling stories and easy to digest information. Over the years, she has helped practitioners write, edit, and ghostwrite material for their practices, as well as conduct interviews and produce research and evaluation reports.

YJP Consulting, LLC

Yuka helps medical and allied health professionals with a variety of writing products. They include web content, reports, articles for the general public, grants, and ghostwriting.

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