Word Searches and Database Management

As we’ve entered the second half of the semester, I’m increasingly thinking about how to arrange, present, analyze and set up my project for the Digital History course. This document introducing tabular data analysis provides some interesting options and considerations. I’m working with about 30-35 magazine articles from the 1940s to 1960s. They are eitherContinue reading “Word Searches and Database Management”

On Spatial and Geographical Tools

As a spatial and visual learner, I’ve been curious about GIS (Geographical Information Systems) since I first learned about it during my time as a public health program evaluator, several years ago. Although our evaluation team never built a GIS database (while I was there), we discussed its potential in relation to some of ourContinue reading “On Spatial and Geographical Tools”

“Change of Life” Pathologizing Menopause

In my Digital History course we’re moving onto the “doing” or hands-on part of the course. It’s a bit overwhelming but also incredibly exciting. In many ways I feel as though my imagination is the limit for this project, and then I return to reality. Taking two other demanding courses and teaching Mondays, Wednesdays, andContinue reading ““Change of Life” Pathologizing Menopause”

Digital Humanities and the Future of my Academic “Work”

Although, I have problems with David Bell’s tendency to over essentialize an issue against print monographs in the academic sphere, I do find the conversation about new ways to view academic “work” exciting. I’m especially interested in bridging the knowledge and accessibility gap between academic research with the public, so some of Bell’s arguments forContinue reading “Digital Humanities and the Future of my Academic “Work””

Information Technology: Friend or Foe?

It wasn’t until this week I really started appreciating the academic crossroad I currently exist in. This predicament is in reference to how the digital age is inevitably shaping and challenging the world of learning and what we consider academic quality work. As a doctorate student I need to start concerning myself with publishing papersContinue reading “Information Technology: Friend or Foe?”

Online Identity Crisis

I’ve grappled over this issue before – how to create/maintain my digital identity. In hindsight, I wish I wrestled with this online from the get-go rather than in my head and notebook (or in a course assignment requiring me to blog on the topic). For starters I would have spent more time productively blogging thanContinue reading “Online Identity Crisis”