The Dissertation Is My Olympics. The Olympics Is My Dissertation

Thank goodness for the Rio Games. Just when I was falling into a rut with my doctoral work, the Summer Games begun. It’s early to feel burnt out considering I just started the dissertation journey. Perhaps defending my proposal only a few months after giving birth and then moving to the other side of theContinue reading “The Dissertation Is My Olympics. The Olympics Is My Dissertation”

Using Pinterest for Thesis Inspiration

Social media is usually a productivity deathtrap. This is especially true when we’re trying to write. Too often I have to turn off the Internet as a safeguard against checking Facebook for the 17th time, that day. When I was prepping for my qualifying exams I deactivated my account. But social media isn’t the enemyContinue reading “Using Pinterest for Thesis Inspiration”

Crowdfunding Your PhD?

Doctoral work is a privilege. And PhD programs are saturated with people of privilege. Despite the increasing rate of student diversity (in all manners of the word), a vast majority of us PhDing come from relative degrees of privilege. It seems oxymoronic to consider oneself an underprivileged (and I’m writing largely in terms of SES)Continue reading “Crowdfunding Your PhD?”

Writing About My Friend, the Olympian

There’s nothing like signing up for a writing course to kick my ass into writing gear. Some people are self-motivated and determined to pump out pages without externally imposed deadlines and accountability. I’m not that type of person. I respond well to external pressure and deadlines, especially from an authority figure or someone scores smarterContinue reading “Writing About My Friend, the Olympian”