“Coming Out” About (In)fertility

I haven’t been keeping my fertility challenge a secret per se. I have, however, for the past three years struggled negotiating the elusive “outside world” in relation to my frustrations, disappointments, and fears trying to conceive, which have wreaked havoc on my sense of self. More often than not, it has been easier (and feltContinue reading ““Coming Out” About (In)fertility”

Garageband and Sounds of Equality

This isn’t a fancy or sophisticated audio track. It’s small collection of sounds taken from the November 8, 2013 rally at the Hawaii State Capitol during the marriage equality bill hearing, SB1. I video recorded both the opposition (heard as the drummers) and the supporters after the House passed the bill (heard as singing HawaiiContinue reading “Garageband and Sounds of Equality”

Relational Databases and my Fantasy Project

I’ve worked with, and created both relational and flat databases during my public health career. It never occurred to me to consider constructing databases and mining them for any humanities type projects until this Digital History course. For my class project I’ll likely be working with a flat database, where the categories and fields areContinue reading “Relational Databases and my Fantasy Project”

YJP808’s photostream

YJP808’s photostream on Flickr. London and Paris 2012 I’ve used Creative Commons photos from flickr a handful of times but never thought to contribute my own. Perhaps it’s because I have limited time and choose to spend it writing than uploading photos; but upon thinking about it further I realize I also don’t fully understandContinue reading “YJP808’s photostream”