Breast Cancer and Its Metaphors

After reading Susan Sontag’s Illness as Metaphor and AIDS and Its Metaphor I’m left wondering whether the stories we tell others and ourselves about our bodies are truly ours—especially stories about diseases. Sontag’s work has me reconsidering my mother’s experience with breast cancer and how she carried herself as a woman with this disease. MyContinue reading “Breast Cancer and Its Metaphors”

“Coming Out” About (In)fertility

I haven’t been keeping my fertility challenge a secret per se. I have, however, for the past three years struggled negotiating the elusive “outside world” in relation to my frustrations, disappointments, and fears trying to conceive, which have wreaked havoc on my sense of self. More often than not, it has been easier (and feltContinue reading ““Coming Out” About (In)fertility”

Saying Goodbye

Today’s post is the product of a free writing exercise I did in a class last week.  The instructions were: Write for 20 minutes without stopping No editing, no going back and changing what you wrote Theme: I will never forget… With the exception of small edits like spelling, the text below is untouched.  I’mContinue reading “Saying Goodbye”

Where’s My Period? Another Way to Look at Late Periods Besides Pregnancy

I use an app on my G1 called “My Days.”  It’s used to keep track of my period and ovulation, and can track anything else cycle-related such as having sex, taking a pill, or writing notes.  The app also projects period, ovulation, and high fertility dates based on previous months. It’s a useful tool ifContinue reading “Where’s My Period? Another Way to Look at Late Periods Besides Pregnancy”

Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer

I have an increased risk for developing breast cancer because my mother had the disease.  She passed away eight years ago and since then, on most days I imagine the conversations I’d have with her about dreams and fears, writing, food, health, and love. Sometimes I’d write about those conversations as a way to remainContinue reading “Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer”