My Postpartum (Blogging) Hiatus

The last eight months of my life have been one transition after the other. Here are the most notable highlights: I had a baby! It was a long time coming. Transitioning to parenthood has been intense. Two months postpartum I cleaned up my dissertation proposal, defended it, and became ABD. Two weeks after that, weContinue reading “My Postpartum (Blogging) Hiatus”

Can We Move on From Mother’s Day Please?

Every Mother’s Day is wrought with complex emotions for me (as well as thousands of others). Here are two main reasons why: I lost my mother when I was 20. Five years before that, we all knew she was going to die of cancer. I’ve been painfully trying to become a mother for the pastContinue reading “Can We Move on From Mother’s Day Please?”

Time for Gender Equality in the Workplace – For Men

Many women (including myself) are faced with the family-or-career tension to varying degrees. We’ve read about these stories in The Atlantic, New York Times, and most recently on Many of us know this issue personally. Maybe we aren’t literally choosing a career over a family (or vice versa) but perhaps we’ve pushed back whenContinue reading “Time for Gender Equality in the Workplace – For Men”