Can We Move on From Mother’s Day Please?

Every Mother’s Day is wrought with complex emotions for me (as well as thousands of others). Here are two main reasons why: I lost my mother when I was 20. Five years before that, we all knew she was going to die of cancer. I’ve been painfully trying to become a mother for the pastContinue reading “Can We Move on From Mother’s Day Please?”

“Change of Life” Pathologizing Menopause

In my Digital History course we’re moving onto the “doing” or hands-on part of the course. It’s a bit overwhelming but also incredibly exciting. In many ways I feel as though my imagination is the limit for this project, and then I return to reality. Taking two other demanding courses and teaching Mondays, Wednesdays, andContinue reading ““Change of Life” Pathologizing Menopause”

Time for Gender Equality in the Workplace – For Men

Many women (including myself) are faced with the family-or-career tension to varying degrees. We’ve read about these stories in The Atlantic, New York Times, and most recently on Many of us know this issue personally. Maybe we aren’t literally choosing a career over a family (or vice versa) but perhaps we’ve pushed back whenContinue reading “Time for Gender Equality in the Workplace – For Men”

Science Prolonging Women’s Reproductive Years

If you could prolong your reproductive years would you? How do you feel about women having children even later in life than we already do? A few days ago NPR had a segment about new research working toward the ability for women to regenerate their eggs similar to how men regenerate their sperm.The implications forContinue reading “Science Prolonging Women’s Reproductive Years”

Birth Control is Not a Woman’s Issue…Apparently!

Did you know there are aspects of birth control that aren’t women’s issues? Apparently, to the congress panel hearing on Obama’s proposed policy change to have religious institutions provide free birth control to their employees wasn’t about women’s health, rather it was about religion. WOW! According to social conservatives and the ever so trustworthy FoxContinue reading “Birth Control is Not a Woman’s Issue…Apparently!”

The Need for Sociology of Sex and not Just Science to Explain (Female) Infidelity

Earlier this month TIME Magazine came out with an article about “cougar sex” and why women in their “middle years” age 27 – 45 reported having more sex than any other age group.  The story started out addressing one of my pet-frustrations justifying infidelity among men. Men who cheat on their spouses have always enjoyedContinue reading “The Need for Sociology of Sex and not Just Science to Explain (Female) Infidelity”

Birth Control Coverage: Why a Debate?

If I was writing this article exploring the debate over whether birth control should be in the health reform bill, I wouldn’t have even entertained the idea of a debate.  Here’s why: A woman’s right to choose preventative measures from unwanted pregnancy is between her and her body. It has always been predominantly the woman’sContinue reading “Birth Control Coverage: Why a Debate?”

An Interesting Blog Post About the Male Pill

I’m digging The Sexacademic’s blog.  The blogger’s most recent post opens up discussion about the Pill for men.  According to the post it was developed in Israel and is going through clinical trials.  The author debates whether we could trust men with the responsibility of taking the pill.  It’s hilarious and intriguing. I left thisContinue reading “An Interesting Blog Post About the Male Pill”

Condoms for Kindergartners – In Newsweek Blog

Here’s an interesting Newsweek blog post about a bad headline for a good sex ed policy.  The policy essential allows students (at any grade level) to get condoms from a school nurse if they are considering sexual activities.  Now before you start questioning whether this policy should be implemented in the schools of one MassachusettsContinue reading “Condoms for Kindergartners – In Newsweek Blog”