Garageband and Sounds of Equality



This isn’t a fancy or sophisticated audio track. It’s small collection of sounds taken from the November 8, 2013 rally at the Hawaii State Capitol during the marriage equality bill hearing, SB1. I video recorded both the opposition (heard as the drummers) and the supporters after the House passed the bill (heard as singing Hawaii Aloha).

Stitching together these two tracks took a little longer than expected. Mostly because there were multiple little steps along the way I didn’t anticipate. For example, the original file is in movie format so I used iMovie to extract the sound files, then imported the sound files from Garageband. (I had various Youtube video tutorials up during this process and I already forgot a lot of the steps.)

After putting the two sounds together (fading out one and fading in the other), I exported the audio file as an mp4 into iTunes. WordPress wouldn’t upload an mp4 file so I searched the Internet on how to convert an mp4 into an mp3. After doing that, I realized that WP doesn’t upload mp3s either. But now I know how to convert mp4s to mp3s.

I saved the mp3 file in Google drive and created a hyperlink for anyone interested in listening to my modest creation. The result, “Sounds of Equality.”  I thought about adding other sounds (more because I wanted to play with the preset noises and instruments that come with Garageband) but decided against it because the two files are instrumental and musical enough.

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