An Interesting Blog Post About the Male Pill

I’m digging The Sexacademic’s blog.  The blogger’s most recent post opens up discussion about the Pill for men.  According to the post it was developed in Israel and is going through clinical trials.  The author debates whether we could trust men with the responsibility of taking the pill.  It’s hilarious and intriguing.

I left this comment on the post.

Well it’s about time someone came out with a male birth control pill.  I see both sides of the debate and we shouldn’t assume all men act the same when it comes to sexual responsibility, though sometimes I fail to see any differences in their behaviors.  With the male Pill, I like the added option of the guy being able to take some reproductive responsibility.

This won’t entirely alleviate the unequal duty women have over unwanted pregnancies but it seems like a decent step forward towards equalizing the onus between two people.

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